The 3 of us were born to practice law (aside from Filip, who thought he was a born historian and only realized his true calling later in life). When we were young, while our friends’ walls were plastered with either Madonna or Schwarzeneger posters, our walls were adorned with Harm, Mac and other characters from the JAG crime show. We used to secretly read action adventures under our flashlights at night as we gorged on contracts and legal documents. Even when we were playing football in the yard, talks of legislation for pro leagues and player injury rights always creeped into the game. Simply put, it was obvious that our future paths were already paved for us at a very young age.

Our aim is to prove to our clients that dealings with the law needn’t be as complicated as learning a foreign language, nor scary as a seven-headed monster. The law has always been, and always will be, here for the people. And that’s why we‘re here, as well. We provide free consultations where we listen to your wishes and needs and decide for the best path to take for you. We offer solutions and explain everything to you in clear and simple language. We are attorneys of the 21st century. Modern, transparent and understandable. With us, you can always rely on:

Transparent and fair negotiations


Understandable and clear communication


Creative and effective solutions



Start ups

We love new projects with future potential and we never want a client to lose their initial excitement over a pile of paperwork or complicated legislation. We assist in the establishment of new companies, prepare all legal documentation, inform you of potential future risks and even consult on business plans.

Public tenders

Need to organize an open tender or succeed at winning one? Already applied for an EU grant and need to select suppliers or want to become a supplier yourself?  All the steps that may seem too complicated, and leave you wanting to give up on a project, are our specialty. And we always consider both sides of the coin.


Anyone can download a contract template online, fill in the details and then hope they are compliant with the law. 3ADVOKATI can assure your contract is compliant. No fine print or complicated wording. We are ready to tailor all your contracts for loans, work, commisions, licensing, gifting, franchising or any contract where you need to be certain of your position and your rights.


3 Advokati provide corporate solutions while advising on appropriate steps to avoid future risk. We manage Company establishments, share transfers, mergers, acquisitions, AGMs, due dilligence, and corporate hierarchies for optimilized taxes. By preparing your company for all possible scenarios and adequately training your staff, we can ensure implementation of necessary processes and a smooth course of action. You can rest assured that we know your business. We also provide virtual offices in Ostrava.


Eliminate the need for searching contract templates online. 3 Advotati will free you of the paperwork when purchasing a home, flat or land, while evaluating risky contract expirations and/or purchase applications. We’ll draw up the contract, re-register the property and ensure safe procurement of funds – all simply and hassle free. We also manage rentals, eavesments and co-ownership distribution.

Debt collection

3 Advokati is your best choice for assistance with debt collection stemming from either delinquint regular payments or problem debts. We are ready to settle your case out of court or represent you personally during legal proceedings. We work closely with County Court baliffs and insolvency officers, drawing on their experience to ensure your case, and all your effort, don’t go wasted. 3 Advokati will do everything within our legal power to get you what is rightfully yours and represent you in.

Criminal law

Anyone can fall on bad times with the law and need the defense of a qualified attorney. 3 Advokati will see you througn and advise you on the best course of action. From issuing a statement to the police all the way through to trial to dismissals and appeals, you can rely on us to be by your side.  We also assist in recovering damages and represent victims of felony crimes. Rest assured, we will fight for your rights.


We are glad to train your management and staff or offer partner benefits in the form of legal training over coffee or breakfast. Call or write us today and find out how we can tailor legal training to fit your needs.

our team

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Martin Čajka

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Filip Hořínek

lawyer / partner

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Barbara Hublová


Kateřina Rožnovská

Office manager


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