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We were born for the law (except Filip, who was born for history but then understood that he had made a mistake). At a time when our friends had walls glued to Madonna and Arnold Schwarzeneg, Harm and Mac from the JAG series were hanging in our rooms. As the other children read the adventure books under the duvet, we secretly devoured paragraphs and stories from the legal environment. And when we played football in the backyard, we thought about how the transfers of football players or the work accidents of athletes are legally addressed. So what we will study for us once was completely clear.


and fair dealing


and effective action


and clear communication


Our team

Martin Hykel

lawyer / partner

Martin Čajka

lawyer / partner

Filip Hořínek

lawyer / partner

Marta Jančatová

Legal trainee

Barbara Hublová


Kateřina Rožnovská

office manager