Mgr. Filip Hořínek

lawyer | partner

 +420 725 434 597
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In line with his partners, Filip also graduated from Masaryk University Faculty of Law, Brno, in 2013, where he additionally studied history, his other life passion.  Maximum regard for honor and justice define his approach to law, and it was these  principles he employed while completing his apprenticeship at the law offices of JUDr. Kubína, and later by the side of Mgr. Metelky, attorney at law. Thanks to his impeccable work ehtic, Filip is considered an expert in civil cases, where he specializes in family law and property law and even has plenty of experience in criminal law.   

When Filip isn’t spending his free time reading history or philosophy works, he’s setting out on adventures all around the world. Thanks to reading writers like Jack London, Mika Waltari, or C.S. Lewis, and travels that have led him to Alaska, Canada or Scotland, Filip has acquired a worldly view then benefit not only his clients, but his two beautiful daughters, as well.