Debt collection

3 Advokati is your best choice for assistance with debt collection stemming from either delinquint regular payments or problem debts. We are ready to settle your case out of court or represent you personally during legal proceedings. We work closely with County Court baliffs and insolvency officers, drawing on their experience to ensure your case, and all your effort, don’t go wasted. 3 Advokati will do everything within our legal power to get you what is rightfully yours and represent you in:

  • out of court debt settlements
  • legal proceedings for debt retrieval
  • courts of law
  • County Court baliff proceedings
  • debt relief proceeding

We specialize in:

  • written notices
  • settlements
  • lawsuit for financial recovery

3 Advocati submits proposals for the following:

  • electronic wire transfers (domestic and European)
  • initial debt collection proceedings
  • debt collection registration, representation at insolvency proceedings, and other services. Call or write today for a free consultation…

Martin Hykel

lawyer / partner 

Marta Jančatová

Legal trainee