Public tenders

Need to organize an open tender or succeed at winning one? Already applied for an EU grant and need to select suppliers or want to become a supplier yourself?  All the steps that may seem too complicated, and leave you wanting to give up on a project, are our specialty. And we always consider both sides of the coin.

We provide legal services for both grant applicants and suppliers through all stages of the tender. We also have partners in both the public and private sectors.

One of our areas of expertise is in representing potential grant recipients. We also assist in matters above and beyond the grant application itself, including disputes with grand bodies, audits and legal analyses that define the business model.


  • complete administration for all grant applications and public tenders in compliance with the legal requirements for tender submissions
  • creation of submission conditions including requisite contracted documention
  • legal representation for applicant disputes over the qualification and evaluation of offers
  • legal representation at public offices
  • pre-submission consultations for suppliers
  • supplier representation for wrongful tender processes commited by the submitter of the tender
  • consultations on pre-grant applications

Martin Hykel

lawyer / partner

Martin Čajka

lawyer / partner 

Barbara Hublová