Eliminate the need for searching contract templates online. 3 Advotati will free you of the paperwork when purchasing a home, flat or land, while evaluating risky contract expirations and/or purchase applications. We’ll draw up the contract, re-register the property and ensure safe procurement of funds – all simply and hassle free. We also manage rentals, eavesments and co-ownership distribution. 

We protect buyers and sellers from signing bad contracts. 3 Advokati is currently involved in many property management cases and over a thousand contracts have already passed through our hands. Whether buying/selling properties, or renting commercial space, we are very experienced and know what to beware of. Property management services include…


  • representation at negotitations for conditions of transactions
  • contract documentation for the transfer of property
  • donation/gifting contracts
  • eavesments and property rights contracts
  • lease and sublease contracts for apartment buildings and/or commercial spaces
  • advocate procurement of purchase funds
  • representation at public property offices
  • transfer of co-op share
  • co-operative establishment and management
  • pertinent consultations

Martin Čajka

lawyer / partner